Rep. Stephens introduces legislation to help those suffering from diabetes

Springfield…In an effort to increase access to healthcare for Illinois’ most vulnerable, State Representative Brad Stephens (R–Chicago) has introduced legislation to place a cap of $100/month on all the costs required by a person with diabetes for diabetic self-management.  

“During the fall veto session the legislature worked bipartisanly to make healthcare more available – and more affordable to those in need. Out-of-pocket insulin costs were capped at $100 a month for a 30-day supply. This was a good start, but diabetics have more costs than just insulin,” said Stephens. “Diabetics also have to buy many other expensive supplies, such as blood sugar test strips, and, in some cases, the monthly lease of an insulin pump, for self-management.”

The legislation amends the Insurance Code to place a cap of $100/month on the costs of ALL expenditures required by a person with diabetes for diabetic self-management. This will help an estimated 1.3 million Illinoisans who are living with diabetes. Price increases have left many afflicted with the disease struggling to pay for management.

According to the Diabetes Journal, “The cost of care for people with diabetes now accounts for [roughly] 1 in 4 health care dollars spent in the U.S. Care for a person with diabetes now costs an average of $16,752 per year.”

“These costs add up and the law should look at the total fiscal impact of managing diabetes,” emphasized Stephens.

House Bill 5484 is currently in Rules committee, and is awaiting assignment to a substantive committee for consideration.