Outdoor Resources in Illinois

While we live in and outside America’s third largest city in the 20th District, Illinois is filled with spectacular nature and opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Find information from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and Enjoy Illinois below!

IDNR Resources for Outdoor Activities


NOTICE: Illinois Boat Registration and Safety Act Amendments Take Effect JUNE 1

Pay Special Attention To:

  • If you have questions regarding your watercraft tax, contact the Dept. of Revenue 1-800-732-8866.
  • Please allow five weeks processing time before contacting our office regarding the status of your application
  • Registrations expire every 3 years on September 30th.
  • Copies of titles/registrations are not acceptable; the original must be sent.
  • Submittal of documentation does not guarantee an approved application. We review each application on a case by case basis.
  • Check here for returned (undeliverable) Watercraft Registration(s)
  • Please use Online Renewal if your boat is currently registered in your name
  • Please see our FAQ Information Page for additional questions.
  • Email us if you have a question?

Additional Links

Enjoy Illinois Outdoor Adventures

Biking in Illinois

Route 66, Tunnel Hill State Trail, U.S. Bicycle Route 76, Chicago Lakefront Trail, the Illinois American Discovery Trail, the Great River Trail, the Grand Illinois Trail, the Illinois and Michigan Canal State Trail

Unlock the Secrets of Starved Rock

Less than 100 miles southwest of Chicago, melting glaciers left their mark, carving a maze of canyons into the St. Peter sandstone.

A Hole Lot of Fun: The Best Swimming Holes in Illinois

There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot day than plunging into the clear waters of a cool swimming hole.

Outdoor Explorers – Enjoy Illinois by Water, Bike, Rock or Hike

The great Illinois outdoors offer plenty of places to get out and get active.

Green Getaways in Illinois

Illinois’ state parks and spots of natural beauty make for a great way to travel eco-friendly and unwind in a simpler, sustainable setting.

Outdoor Adventures in Southern Illinois

Attention, work-hard, play-hard types: Illinois’ southern tip has your back.

Are There Mountains in Illinois?

Believe it or not, The Prairie State has plenty of elevated adventures.

Cozy Cabin Destinations

Illinois wineries, state parks and family water parks teem with rentable cabins. Whether you want something romantic, remote and rustic or something near an attraction with modern day creature comforts like WiFi, Illinois’ cabins have it.

Chicago’s Bird Watching Experience

Chicago’s lakefront is in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway, providing an important landing place to rest and refuel.

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

Imagine an ancient Native American settlement where people built pyramids, constructed solar observatories and yes, even practiced human sacrifice. It’s right here in Southern Illinois, and the ancient civilization’s massive remains stand as one of the best-kept archaeological secrets in the country.