Rep. Stephens Releases Statement Condemning Hate Speech against Police Officers during Overnight Demonstrations

Chicago – State Representative Brad Stephens (R–Chicago) released the following statement after being made aware of a photo that shows graffiti saying “KILL ALL COPS” on the Heald Square Monument in downtown Chicago after the overnight riots:

“The actions of Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin that resulted in the death of George Floyd were wrong and tragic. While I firmly believe in the right of every citizen to peaceably assemble and protest in response, last night was not a peaceful protest. It was a riot. A cover for theft, destruction and sadly, threats of violence against other police officers. These rioters and looters are hurting their own cause, and have no place in the public discourse.”

“For the last few months police officers have been on the front lines fighting COVID-19 at great personal risk to themselves. Over 500 police officers have contracted it themselves, and some have succumbed to the disease.”

“Looters are destroying businesses. These same business owners have been shut down for nearly three months, and were looking forward to opening this week in a limited capacity. Now they are coming back to their store fronts destroyed, and their livelihoods at risk.”

The Heald Square Monument is a bronze sculpture group by Lorado Taft in Heald Square. It depicts General George Washington, and the two principal financers of the American Revolution, Robert Morris and Haym Salomon.