How to Stay Updated with House Committees Online

This month, virtual committees began meeting in the Illinois House of Representatives.  While the virtual committee hearing process is a little different, it’s important for you to understand exactly how you can stay up to date on what’s happening in the legislature, including what work State Representative Brad Stephens is pursuing. To do that, there are several resources available to you:

To find what hearings are scheduled for the week, click here. Audio and video live streams for the House can be found here. To provide testimony for hearings, members of the public can click here and find information under “Providing Testimony.” Bills and resolutions for the 102nd General Assembly can be found here and committees can be found here. Residents in the 20th Legislative District can contact Rep. Stephens at his district office at any time with feedback, input, questions, or concerns by phone at (773) 444-0611 or by email at