Rep. Stephens Provides Details on Reimagine Illinois

Reimagine Illinois is the House Republican Caucus’ platform that envisions a new, brighter future for Illinois. This platform was launched on March 17th in Springfield and proposes ideas that will reach to every corner of our great state and improve our communities.

The four pillars of Reimagine Illinois to address our state’s issues are:

  • Ending the Culture of Corruption
  • Responsible Fiscal Leadership
  • Growing Jobs and Opportunities for our Families
  • Ensuring Public Safety

These pillars all list substantive goals to improve Illinois. There are over 80 Reimagine Illinois bills that were introduced in the 102nd General Assembly that will make these goals a reality in our communities. I’m looking forward to seeing what Illinois will look like when it is better, prosperous, and reimagined.

Ending the Culture of Corruption

Unfortunately, corruption has become all-too-common in Illinois. This comes with the cost of higher property taxes, higher income taxes, and a lack of transparency from Illinois’ elected officials. Reimagine Illinois will end this culture of corruption in our state.

For immediate change, Reimagine Illinois will ban General Assembly members from lobbying. Pairing this with exposing and eliminating conflicts of interest pulls the curtain back further and increases transparency.

We will work to ensure all Illinois lawmakers get an up or down vote on their bills, opening our state to new ideas. To make additional room for the input of our constituents, Reimagine Illinois will also allow Illinoisans to introduce amendments to the Constitution.

Responsible Fiscal Leadership

Like so many families and individuals had to during the COVID-19 pandemic, our General Assembly should take a look at our finances and make responsible decisions when spending taxpayer dollars. One basic step we can take is not spending money we don’t have.

Appropriations bills can be vetted properly by providing a mandatory time for public comment, giving Illinoisans a chance to read and speak on their state budget. By consolidating and eliminating unnecessary layers of government, we can save money and lower property taxes while creating a better experience for those who need government services.

In addition to our budgetary goals, we must address our state’s pension crisis. The pension crisis crowds out essential services and hurts state finances, we need to address it. Necessary pension reform will help solve this crisis and help local governments reduce property taxes.

By addressing our fiscal issues, engaging constituents in their state budget, and ending reckless spending in Springfield, we can reflect the measures Illinoisans take each day to manage their household finances. This will implement real fiscal leadership to get back on track financially as a state.

Growing Jobs & Opportunities for Our Families

In our cities, small towns, and rural communities, Illinois’ hardworking individuals keep our economy going. However, our population loss this year will cost Illinois at least one congressional seat and millions of federal dollars, meaning less resources and representation for our communities. This should direct our attention to our need to build a better business environment in the Prairie State.

Recognizing and capitalizing on our state’s strengths can create jobs across Illinois. Illinois can lead again in job creation when we combine our available infrastructure with sound economic policies, making decisions that invest in our future. The foundation of a strong economy starts with its workforce, so we need to establish an apprenticeship program. Illinois needs to lead in ensuring our workforce has the skills needed to compete in this ever-changing economy.

To ensure greater opportunities for Illinois families, we need to offer forward-thinking education solutions and flexibility for working parents in caring for their children. Protecting the health and well-being of Illinois families is something we can and should do as well by ensuring access to affordable quality healthcare. Further, we can reduce our property taxes by scaling back endless amounts of regulation and red tape.

Ensuring Public Safety

Illinois can be a safer place, where all our neighborhoods are safe for our families. By creating the Back the Badge program and ending the Madigan-era patronage of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, we can ensure that our law enforcement professionals are the best for our communities. These initiatives will implement reforms to ensure public safety officials in Illinois are prepared for their positions, helping recruit and retain the best and brightest in law enforcement.

Following Illinois’ changes to its bail program in recent years, we can study these changes to examine their impact on crime. Reforming FOID will also help ensure responsible gun owners aren’t left waiting at the mercy of a flawed system.

The goals and initiatives of Reimagine Illinois will turn our state around and give us a map to prosperity, allowing us to see what an Illinois reimagined looks like as a reality. The future is bright when we Reimagine Illinois.

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