LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reimagine Illinois

Illinois is a place many are proud to call home, myself included. Yet, our state faces complex challenges. Our finances are irresponsibly managed, we face population loss, and our government is plagued with corruption that disappoints our taxpayers. Though we face these challenges, we can choose to turn our state around, address these issues, and move towards a future of prosperity. We can reimagine Illinois.

Reimagine Illinois is a commitment I am making as a member of the Illinois House Republican Caucus. It’s a commitment to reforms ranging from job creation to public safety. As we work to move past the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis, I believe we can rebuild and reinvigorate Illinois communities that were negatively impacted.

Through Reimagine Illinois, we will work to combine our state’s available infrastructure with sound economic policies to help Illinois lead again in job creation. By eliminating overregulation and mandates, we can provide a better experience for Illinois business owners. By establishing an apprenticeship program, we also can ensure our workers have the needed skills to compete in a changing economy.

With economic reversal, we can also make safer communities. One way we can do this is by transforming the Law Enforcement Training Standards Board process from a Madigan patronage haven to a process that prepares public safety officials for their difficult careers. In creating the Back the Badge program, we can recruit and retain the best officers we can have in our communities protecting Illinoisans. We must also study the impact that changes to Illinois’ bail program have on crime and work to reform FOID.

With our pillars of ending the culture of corruption, responsible fiscal leadership, growing jobs and opportunities for our families, and ensuring public safety, we can take the necessary steps to turn our state in the right direction. With progress through principles, we can make the changes that will reform our state and make it a place more people call home. I am looking forward to the bright future Illinois has when it is truly reimagined.