Cook County Sheriff’s Office Tracked Vehicle Partnership FAQs

What is the CCSO’s Tracked Vehicle Partnership?

The CCSO created a program to allow the public to give consent for law enforcement to access vehicle tracking information through the manufacturer in the event the car is illegally taken.

Who can sign up for the program?

Anyone who has a vehicle registered in Cook County may sign up.

Is my car trackable?

The CCSO recommends that you check with your dealer or vehicle manufacturer to verify if your car has tracking capabilities.

How do I sign up? 

You can sign up for the CCSO Tracked Vehicle Partnership by visiting:

Can I sign up for more than one vehicle?

Yes, you may sign up for all vehicles that you own. 

Is the CCSO going to be constantly tracking my vehicle?

No, the CCSO will only utilize the consent form after the vehicle has been ILLEGALLY taken and you notify law enforcement to generate a criminal complaint.

By signing this consent form, is the CCSO the only agency authorized to initiate manufacturer tracking if my vehicle is illegally taken or will this give all law enforcement agencies authorization to initiate tracking?

The consent form allows for the release of information to other law enforcement officers.

Where should I place the sticker on my vehicle?

We recommend the reflective sticker with the black border be placed on the rear driver side exterior of the vehicle. The silver sticker should be placed on the inside lower corner of the driver side windshield.

What should I do if my vehicle is carjacked?

When safe to do, call 911 and notify responding law enforcement that you have a consent form on file with the CCSO.