Stephens-Backed Legislation Now Law in 2023

CHICAGO – With the start of the new year, legislation co-sponsored by State Representative Brad Stephens (R-Rosemont) is now enacted law in the state of Illinois. This legislation includes Public Acts 102-740, 804, 821, 903, 930, 939, 997, 1079, and 1093 and addresses a broad range of issues.

“I was proud to co-sponsor these laws when they were in bill form in the General Assembly during the 102nd General Assembly,” said Rep. Stephens. “These laws address public safety, protect children, and improve healthcare coverage in our state. We addressed problems that needed bipartisan solutions to make Illinois a better place to live and 2023 will bring more protections for Illinoisans.”

There are new laws to protect public safety and support first responders. One law includes newer carjacking technology in the definition of possession of burglary tools, like devices to unlock or start cars without a key (P.A. 102-903). For firefighters, foreign fire insurance boards now have exclusive powers and the responsibility to collect licensing fees and provide them for use of fire departments (P.A. 102-740).

Children will also be further protected from sexual predators this year with new laws. An affirmative defense for the solicitation of a sexual act for children under 18 or people with severe or profound intellectual disabilities is now removed (P.A. 102-939). This is to protect the victims of these offenses. It’s also now illegal for carnivals, amusement enterprises, county fairs, or state fairs where children under 18 will be present to employ child sex offenders (P.A. 102-997). These offenders also cannot operate, manage, or be associated with these institutions.

Legislation will also greatly impact healthcare coverage in Illinois. Prescribed prenatal vitamins will be included in insurance coverage after January 1st, 2024 (P.A. 102-930) as well as coverage for medically necessary continuous glucose monitors for Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes (P.A. 102-1093). Coverage for medically necessary hormone therapy treatment for menopause induced by hysterectomies will also be required after New Year’s Day 2024 (P.A. 102-804).

Lastly, new laws will improve Illinois communities on a local level. In the 20th District, the Milwaukee Avenue Polish Heritage Corridor will cross through the communities on Illinois Route 21 from Sangamon Street in Chicago to Greenwood Road in Niles (P.A. 102-1079). The definition of youth entrepreneurs is also added to include people between ages 16 and 29 seeking community support to start a business in the state (P.A. 102-821). It also includes assistance to youth entrepreneurs as requirements concerning entrepreneurship assistance centers.

Rep. Stephens will be sworn in to the 103rd General Assembly next Wednesday. He encourages residents with legislative ideas for the next General Assembly to reach out to his office by calling (773) 444-0611 or emailing