Stephens-Backed Bill to Improve Residential Sound Insulation Program Passed out of Illinois House

Image from Chicago Tribune

SPRINGFIELD – On Friday, legislation co-sponsored by House Assistant Minority Leader Brad Stephens (R-Rosemont) to make improvements to the Illinois Municipal Code in regards to noise mitigation for communities surrounding airports was passed in the House of Representatives. House Bill 3722 passed the House with unanimous support.

“This is a great step to helping families affected by these odorous installments and who have made the efforts to work with the RSIP’s prescribed solutions to aircraft noise that interferes with their daily lives,” said Leader Stephens. “I hope to see this passed through the Senate and implemented to help O’Hare and 20th District area families.”

HB 3722 makes several changes to add specifications to the Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP). One change is that residents who modify replacement windows or accept replacement screens are not disqualified from compensation or future services. However, they must have made these modifications or accepted a replacement as an interim or partial solution which then failed to mitigate, partially or entirely, the odorous or malfunctioning window. In addition to that requirement, at least 10% of homes receiving replacements per year must have demonstrated extreme hardship.

HB 3722 also allows the Minority Leaders of the House of Representatives and Senate to appoint one member each to an advisory committee that determines the eligibility of homes containing these odorous windows or doors. This committee will also be required to accept all public questions concerning the RSIP and provide a written response within two business days.