Stephens-Backed Bill to Cut Costs for Non-Home Rule Communities Passes Committee

SPRINGFIELD – On Tuesday, legislation co-sponsored by Assistant House Minority Leader Brad Stephens (R-Rosemont) to allow non-home rule municipalities to adopt the Administrative Adjudication Process passed out of committee. Senate Bill 2320 passed out of the House Cities & Villages Committee with unanimous support.

“I’m proud to see SB 2320 pass out of committee with unanimous, bipartisan support,” said Leader Stephens. “This legislation will cut costs for non-home rule communities by shortening litigation time, processing violations more efficiently, and recovering municipal costs more expeditiously. I look forward to it being debated in the House and urge its passage.”

SB 2320 will allow non-home rule municipalities to use this process to address violations of municipal codes using the Administrative Adjudication Process. Currently, this process is only available to home rule communities in the Illinois Municipal Code. The Administrative Adjudication Process is the process where violations of certain municipal codes are adjudicated by a hearing officer, rather than a county judicial system. These can include parking, zoning, and business violations.

SB 2320 now heads to the House floor for consideration. Rep. Stephens is the House Republican Spokesperson of the House Cities & Villages Committee.