Stephens Responds to Late-Night Partisan Budget

SPRINGFIELD – In response to the state budget for Fiscal Year 2024 that passed the House in the early hours of Saturday morning, House Assistant Minority Leader Brad Stephens released the following statement:

“Despite what we’ve been told, this year’s budget is another spend, spend, spend budget that leaves our taxpaying constituents behind. Illinois taxpayers can anticipate another major tax increase with a recession looming in the distance and no spending cuts in sight, all passed in the middle of the night with barely, if any, time for public input. I’m also particularly disappointed in how we failed to pass Senate Bill 1956 to grant an annual 3% cost of living adjustment for certain Tier 1 Chicago Police retirees and will have to wait until the fall to deliver this COLA for our Chicago law enforcement. Our constituents and first responders deserve better than this rushed budget.”