Stephens Summer Scenes: Adventure in Metro East

Illinois Caverns

About 35 miles south of St. Louis, Illinois Caverns is the only cave that has been operated commercially in Illinois. This contains an extensive array of spectacular cave formations, many of which are actively growing with the continued deposition of calcium carbonate. It also has a delicately balanced and fragile community of animals. The cave salamander and at least two species of bats are commonly found in the cave.

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Image from St. Louis Post Dispatch

Pere Marquette State Park

A nature lover’s paradise, this park shows spectacular views of the Illinois River and its backwaters. There are also year-round recreational opportunities. Activities include hiking trails, bike trails, boating, camping, equestrian trails, hunting, fishing, rock climbing, and geocaching. There is also a visitor center and lodge at the park.

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Horseshoe Lake

In Madison County, there are 2,960 acres of land with lots of recreational opportunities at Horseshoe Lake. Visitors can boat, camp, dog train, fish, geocache, hike, hunt, metal detect, and picnic at this park.

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Image from NBC News
Summer Fun Tips: Hiking with your Dog
Hiking with your dog can be a great time for companionship and to invigorate your furry friend! The National Parks have a B.A.R.K. rule to hike with dogs:

Bag your pet’s waste
Always leash your pet
Respect wildlife
Know where you can go

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