Treasurer Pappas posts property tax bills online and gives taxpayers a preview of amounts due March 1

Cook County property owners have no need to wait for their next property tax bills to arrive in the mail to find out how much they will owe by the March 1 due date, Treasurer Maria Pappas said today.

Taxpayers can visit to view, download and prepay their First Installment 2023 property tax bills.

Property tax bills are divided into two annual installments. The First Installment, which is 55 percent of the previous year’s total tax, is due March 1, 2024. By providing an early look at the bills, property owners can plan their finances or make payments before the end of the year.

“A lot of bills come due after the holidays,” Pappas said. “By posting First Installment bills online months before they are due or even mailed we strive to help people manage their household budgets and plan accordingly.”

The Treasurer’s Office expects to mail First Installment 2023 bills to owners of about 1.7 million properties around Feb. 1.

Visiting and follow these steps to download your tax bill and make a payment:

  • Select the blue box labeled “Pay Online for Free”
  • Enter your address or 14-digit Property Index Number (PIN)

There is no fee if you pay from your bank account. The Treasurer’s Office accepts partial payments but First Installment taxes must be paid by March 1 to avoid a late charge of .75 percent per month, as mandated by Illinois law.

You can also use to:

  • Search $93 million in available refunds.
  • Check if you are missing out on $57 million in property tax exemptions, which lower your tax bill.